Photo by Shannon Booth

Photo by Shannon Booth

Rob Booth

I always try to capture authentic moments that people could feel deep down in their hearts. These kind of feelings and memories are fleeting, but can last forever in a picture. My approach is to capture a person's or couple's unique narrative. It could be a documentary film, or a photo series. Even a single portrait can tell a person's story. My goal is to tell your story as honestly and beautifully as I can. 

My life

Home base is central Connecticut, but I originate from NEPA, for all you Pennsylvanian's out there.  I really enjoy being the on-the-go type, but getting home to my family is the best part of every day. For me, even when it's tough and everything is a mess, I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. I photograph my family a lot. They hardly notice me taking pictures anymore - that's the goal for me on all my assignments and with my clients too!

I believe keeping an open mind and having a positive attitude are so important in everything you do. Honestly, I want to have fun at my job. It doesn't get any better than being with people during some of the most exciting times of their lives.