New Hampshire Bachelor Party

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Lincoln, NH at Mt. Lafayette. I photographed a group of men who set out to celebrate their friend's upcoming wedding by hiking arguably the best trail in New England. While this sounds like an untraditional bachelor party, it was quintessential Mike. I wish the bride-to-be, Lauren, and her groom, Mike, the best of luck and happiest of wedding days.

Vintage Light

Photographing my wife again. I'm always trying to challenge myself to make different types of pictures. The excitement of discovering something new, or learning, really keeps me motivated. 


Baby Boo Number Two

My wife and I are having our second boy in December. We are super excited and nervous. We took a walk around Peckham Park in Middlefield and then stopped on Country Club Rd. in Middletown around sunset and I snapped some portraits. She is five months pregnant here :)